116th Rules

General Rules

1. Be on teamspeak when you are playing. If you are playing on squad night its mandatory you are on teamspeak and involved in the squad night activities.

2. Be respectful of other members.

3. We are role models in the war-game communities we are apart of. We must set a high standard so others may follow.

4. Only discharge your weapon if you are firing at an enemy.

5. Communications, Command, Control and Intelligence are not merely words but a way of operating, a way of moving the battle to the enemy, a way of executing the operation to and through the enemy. They are the foundation of our maneuver warfare tactics.

6. Patience is a virtue. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

7. Change is the only constant we are never finished, never perfect, we only strive for it and make a lot of mistakes getting there.

8. Our anger and frustration is the greatest weapon our enemies have.

9. We are serious about the game and serious about having fun. When we execute a mission well you should experience a sense of accomplishment. If you do not you are in the wrong clan for the wrong reasons

10. Don't Be an Asshole. 

116th is a 18+ Clan. Exceptions may be made for family members or those that prove their maturity.

Teamspeak Rules

  • Be respectful of those in the channel with you. If you wouldn't say it to your mother/grandmother, rethink it.

  • Politics & Religion can be discussed in teamspeak only. This should be done in 116th Tavern only. Make a subchannel. This is not a discussion or topic that is to be posted on the forums.

  • The word Rape is not to be used. Period. Jokes are not to be made about this.

  • Racism is not tolerated. In a private joke with friends it is allowed, but if you do offend someone, make sure you apologize

  • Swearing is allowed in moderation. If you take offense at swearing, either ask for it to be toned down or change channel yourself.

  • Private channels (Subchannels) Things are typically more relaxed in a subchannel. See below for further information.

  • Harassment & Abuse of members in a non-joking manner will not be tolerated. If someone does not find your joke funny, it is expected that they tell you, and it stops then and there.

  • Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. If you know the person well, there can be relaxation of this up until the point where they ask it to stop.

  • What is a private Channel
    A private channel is one created by a member for use by them and their friends. When joining a private channel, you are accepting that the standard rules governing the public channels are relaxed. If something is said that you do not like, or take offense at, you can ask the person nicely to please refrain from it, or you can remove yourself from the channel.
  • Channels created for events, clan wars or competitions (anything made for a public or large group) are not exempt from this.

Website & Forum Rules

  • No Pornographic or nude imagery should be used.
  • No Racist or Sexist content should be posted.
  • Purposely instigating a flame war will result in disciplinary action.

  • No use of symbols associated with hate groups (There are exceptions for historical photographs used in the appropriate manner)

  • Members are expected to login and keep abreast of clan news at least once a week.

  • Politics and Religion are not topics open for discussion on the forums.