Also i've gone through and changed settings on our site so now every forum should be available for viewing.
Hey guys! Just been snooping around the public areas of the website and i got to say, i'm mightly impressed
Hello 116th! Just saying hi and letting you all know that Im looking to become a great addition to this clan. Tank of choice n WoT right now is the Pz IV
hello all, looking forward to running some steel with you on wot. my guns of choise ar M4, su26 kv2 and 3 and marder and stug. have a good day
Anyone available to talk on Teamspeak?
Hi im Darklancer made my application to the 116 hope to get some with you lads soon till then keep on rolling and remember Death or Glory
I just joined today hope to be in clan wars with you guys someday
Hi Just submitted application looking foreward to kicking arse with you fine people!
hello all i am Famas18 and i currently have a M3 Lee. I have a question on where to officially join and recruit
Hi all, I've just applied to join the 116th, hopefully I'll jon you all soon and kick know.