DayZ Server Status
DayZ Whitelist Applicaiton for The Windhund Server
Windhund Server - Whitelist Application

Please fill out all of the information and ensure it is correct.
DayZ Name (This is your ARMA 2 / DayZ character name and must match exactly).
What is your email address?
Please confirm you email address.
When is your birthday?
What is your GUID?

1. Find your GUID, to do this start DayZ and connect to a official hive server.

2. Open the Chat and type “#beclient guid” and press Enter.

3. Write down your GUID, the easiest and safest way is to take a screenshot with Fraps.

4. Be sure you wrote your GUID correctly down, it should be 32 characters long!

5. Mark you GUID, right click and Copy.

6. Input your GUID in the line below.
Windhund Server Information and Rules.

1. No trash talking or foul language on the server.

2. The game mechanics rule. No one is ever kicked for being a superb player whether they choose to be a hero, bandit, or survivor.

3. Hackers ruin it for everyone. No hacking is tolerated by anyone including and especially Windhund members. Hackers are banned and reported including public posting of their GUID.

4. Windhund members have a trust but verify attitude towards public players on the server.

5. Bambi killers. Windhund makes it a point of hunting bambi killers and bandits. We expect talented bandits to give us a hard challenge. That is half the fun of the game.

6. No pop logging to lobby in order to despawn zeds for the purposes of locating the enemy. 3 day ban for breaking this rule.

7. Welcome and enjoy your time on the server.
Do you agree to abide by the rules of the Windhund DayZ Server?
Yes, I agree.